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All football clubs want to start the match on a level playing field….11 v 11! And it should be no different when it comes to energy contracts and management. Your football club is like any other business in that the price of your gas, electricity and water costs are going through the roof.

It may seem like the easiest thing to do to let your energy contracts roll with your existing supplier but in all honesty this would be deemed as a straight red, as chances are, the renewal costs can be easily beaten.

Regardless of the stature of your football club – be it grass roots, National League or even Premier League, our experience shows us that the costs associated with energy will come pretty high up on the balance sheet, with a high percentage of that coming gas and electricity. Whether it is from floodlights, car parking lights or even lighting and heating the changing rooms, all this comes with a heavy cost on your energy spend.

Football clubs are also heavy users of water – It is an expensive job keeping those pitches green!! Now that the water market is deregulated, over 94% of businesses can make a saving on their water bills.  The experts at Intelligent Gas and Power will do the hard work for you. In our experience, businesses are being over-charged for their water and with our help, if this applies to your football club, you may be able to claim some of that back.

If the thought of having to speak to all those different energy providers could be like “extra time and penalties” then you’ll be pleased to know that Intelligent Gas and Power will get the results for you without that worry.

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Businesses across the country are affected by lockdown, find out how we can help you manage your expenses and maintain cashflow.

Let us help you with a full review of your utility outgoings. We will identify savings!

Utility Savings

Jobs4Football Partnership

Intelligent Gas and Power are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with our trusted partner, Jobs4football to deliver energy procurement/saving expertise and money saving offers for professional and grass roots football clubs across the UK. More news to follow in the coming weeks.

Renewable Energy

Do you operate with the Leisure and Hospitality Sector?

Increasingly businesses operating within the leisure and hospitality sector are expected to take responsibility for their environmental impact, especially your use of fossil fuels. One of the biggest changes your business can make to tackle climate change is to switch to green energy.

What is green energy?

Also referred to as renewable energy, green energy is generated from natural and renewable energy sources that can be replenished — as opposed to being generated by finite resources such as oil or coal – such as solar energy, wind energy, water power and biomass.

We call these green energy sources types of “renewable energy” because, unlike fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, green energy sources will not run out.

Can I switch to a renewable energy tariff?

These days, many energy suppliers offer at least one “green” tariff, but what that means can be quite complicated. There are three potential ways they offer renewable energy tariff:

Energy match: Your energy supplier matches some or all of the electricity you use by producing renewable energy that they feed into the National Grid.

Green investment: This means your supplier funds renewable energy infrastructure or projects. These days, most green suppliers do this in addition to the above.

Carbon offset: Your supplier offsets the CO2 emissions from the energy you use by planting trees or investing in CO2 reducing projects.

No matter how a renewable tariff defines green energy the good news is, the more businesses that switch to a green energy deal, the more renewable energy gets generated or invested in.

How can I switch to a renewable electricity supplier or a green energy tariff?

Simply give us a few details and Intelligent Gas and Power will do the rest! The great thing is that renewable energy plans are more competitive then ever and in many cases, actually cheaper than non-renewable plans!

Our Intelligent Consultants can help your business source your next electricity contract with 100% renewable energy, made by the wind, sun and sea and generated here in the UK.

Let Intelligent Gas and Power support your business to make the switch today!

Intelligent Gas and Power is a Northumberland based utility company making a positive difference to business owners large and small across the UK.s a few details at and we’ll do the rest!